Category: Personal Cooler


We at VEGO always committed to bring Revolution in Air Cooler.First time in India here we present ATOM. India’s Most Compact and yet so powerful Air Cooler. In an urban as well as semi urban areas. where surroundings are getting congested, our Design Team at VEGO have intelligently designed this compact cooler which places conveniently at any corner and enjoy cool breeze.

In our rich culture where women In our house like our mother, wife, sisters, aunts and grandmother who put in all their efforts daily to cook food and make us comfortable But no one has thought about their comfort while cooking. VEGO has designed this cooler keeping in mind women working in kitchen where they can‘t use tan or AC, but surely can use VEGO ATOM Air Cooler. We dedicate this cooler to women making food in Kitchen.

  • Cooler Design : Compact / Personal
  • Water Tank Capacity : 6 litres
  • Air Delivery (M3/Hr) : 550
  • Speed Control : 3 speed