Why You Should Go For An Air Cooler Over An Air Conditioner?


Why You Should Go For An Air Cooler Over An Air Conditioner?

Ever thought of being the coolest person whenever and wherever you go?

There are mainly 2 things in the world which can give us cool air and literally defeat the heat out there.

While one always thinks of air conditioner as the perfect companion, there’s also a very close runner-up which delivers on similar lines and sometimes even more!

We’re talking about our friendly neighborhood Vego Air Coolers. Yes an option which in fact delivers a lot more perks than your traditional choice😉

So what are the perks?

Well, it’s about time to change the perspective 😎

1) Economically friendly

2) Products, similar purpose, similar/better output and BIG PRICE DIFFERENCE!

Why waste your hard-earned money, when you can GO GREEN and save it!

You read it right, every Vego Air Cooler is capable of living upto the term of “Green Cooling”. It is what we call environment friendly air-conditioning and refrigeration with minimum negative impacts on the environment. Along with path-breaking innovations in the cooling industry and advancements in the technology; we at Vego are proud to call ourselves a green cooling company. We build high quality air coolers which are power-saving and eco-friendly as it is exclusively based on the concept of “evaporative air cooling”.

Eco-friendly and cost-efficient, couldn’t get better than this!

Quality of air:

The air you breathe always matters to extreme where it’s actually about your health. Majority of the air-conditioner have the tendency to actually keep on circulating the air over and over in the room itself, leading it to make a cool but dry air. This might lead to issues to people suffering from asthma Or dust allergy.

Air Coolers on the other hand pulls the fresh air from outside and cool it over with the help of our very efficient and effective honeycomb cooling. This leads to no drying of air and also beneficial for the people suffering from the illness mentioned above.


Everybody loves the cool air but one can’t literally roam around with an air-conditioner to suffice that need.

Vego Air Coolers with their light weight and yet premium feel along with optional castors, simply allow you to take the cooler whenever and wherever you need.

An option that not only stops you from worrying about the heat but also allows you to be the reason of your fun cool weekend trip👍🏽

Additional features:

3D Cooling Technology

Vego Air Coolers have come up with an innovative 3D cooling technology. It comes with widest effective grill for maximum cool air delivery equivalent to 98% width of the cooler. With Innovative 3D technology one can enjoy cooling at every corner of the room.  Vego’s air coolers can throw air as wide as 170° and deliver 2X cooling.

I guess, after all the points mentioned above; it’s about for you to choose wisely and opt for VEGO AIR COOLER and become the ultimate SMART SHOPPER😎


Some Of Our Best Selling 3D #AirCoolers

https://vego.in/?product=optima-3d-cooler-online-with-trolley             https://vego.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Giant-3D-left.jpg

If you are considering replacing your existing air cooler or wish to buy a new one for the summers, visit us at https://vego.in. If you have any further questions, contact us and we would love to help you. 🙂