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Vego Air Coolers have come up with an innovative 3D cooling technology. It comes with widest effective grill for maximum cool air delivery equivalent to 98% width of the cooler. With Innovative 3D technology one can enjoy cooling at every corner of the room. Vego’s air coolers can throw air as wide as 170° and deliver 2X cooling.

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A set of hardcore leader and businessman known for their trendsetting journey have determined to tap the World’s most popular and Country’s leading as well as fastest growing sector of Home Appliances.

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Green Cooling

Green Cooling is what we call environment friendly air-conditioning and refrigeration with minimum negative impacts on the environment. With path-breaking innovations in the cooling industry and advancements in the technology, we at Vego are proud to call ourselves a green cooling company. Vego have been able to built high quality air coolers which are power-saving and eco-friendly based on the concept of Evaporative air cooling - which is the most efficient and environment friendly cooling technology which works the principle of heat absorption by water evaporation.

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